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The following is a list of all the Alpacas, Categories, Events and Feature Articles on our site. We hope it will assist you in finding what you're looking for.

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Derwydd's Accoyo Pacha


Sunshine's Double Trouble

Vashti's Black Pearl

Yellow Rose Moonfire

Captain Morgan's Spiced Peach

Derwydd Cchatanca's Illary

GlimmerGlass Charlotte


GlimmerGlass Ella

GlimmerGlass Inti-Sapa's Runa Star

GlimmerGlass Mr. GQ

GlimmerGlass Pacha's Isabelle

GlimmerGlass Pacha's Stella

GlimmerGlass Phoenix

GLMR Catskill's Pretty Boy Floyd

GLMR Oro Blanco

Snowmass Legacy's Star

USA Peruvian Allie

Warrior's Grey Phantom of SBFS



About Alpacas

About the fiber
Alpacas are ancient animals whose origins are lost in the mists of time. Fossil records indicate that they once inhabited North America...

About Us


Alpacas For Sale

At GlimmerGlass Alpacas, we offer our clients the opportunity to board (agist) their alpacas.

At GlimmerGlass Alpacas, we offer our clients the opportunity to learn about the day to day activities that they will be required to know to effectively care for their alpacas.

Farm News

Fiber is what alpacas are all about and GlimmerGlass Alpacas will be presenting a hands-on fiber workshop in the summer of 2010. We'll discuss the special properties of alpaca fiber and delve into preparation prior to sending to the mill to get the best possible product whether it's yarn or mittens or sweaters! We'll also spend some time learning how to card and comb your own fiber, use a drop spindle and try some felting! Make plans to join us for a fun fiber day! Registration will be limited so check back often!

You’ve sheared your alpacas and have a barn full of fabulous fiber. NOW WHAT?

GlimmerGlass Alpacas recognizes that making an alpaca purchase requires a significant financial investment.



How To Get Started
If you have been thinking about joining the ranks of those of us who have chosen the "alpaca lifestyle," then you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed right now!

How we got started

 GlimmerGlass Alpacas began in 1988 under the guise of Thornapple Farm Inc. and evolved to become Leatherstocking Miniature Horses. Until 1998, we were actively breeding and showing our horses, enjoying considerable success along the way. Meanwhile, our alpaca herd was growing and our children were embarking on their own life journeys. We soon found ourselves with many horses and many alpacas and fewer helping hands! Something had to give and that something was the horses! It took awhile but we now find ourselves with rejuvenated pastures, bouncing crias and a barn full of fiber!

Herdsires are not created equal. Our huacaya herdsires are selected for uniformity of fiber characteristics, conformation and those hard to quantify traits that we think will improve the next generation.

Huacaya Females

Huacaya Males

Links & Affiliations

News & Events

Services Offered

The time of year that often produces the most anxiety for new breeders is in the spring - shearing time! At GlimmerGlass Alpacas, we've worked with professional shearers and, for the last 3 years, have done our own shearing...

Stud Services
Our breeding program emphasizes strong conformation, fine, dense fiber, exceptional mothering ability with an emphasis on nutrition.

If there is one service available to our clients that stands out above all others, it is the availability of GlimmerGlass Alpacas to answer any question, address any problem, help our customers work through any situation AT ANY TIME! 24/7.

There are certain characteristics that set a true suri herdsire apart from all the rest. One is the "look" or presence. Another is strong conformation. And then there's luster. Luster. luster. luster. Let it shine!

Suri Females

Suri Males

Upcoming Events
GlimmerGlass Alpacas will be participating as a vendor at the Cooperstown Farmers' Market on the following dates:

May 29 / June 12 , 26 / July 10 , 24 /  August 14 , 28 / September 4 , 18
October 9 , 23 , 30 / November 20 , 27 / December 4, 11, 18.

Virtual Tour

Located in beautiful upstate New York, GlimmerGlass Alpacas is situated in the rolling hills of Otsego County, just outside the charming village of Fly Creek. Cooperstown, our slightly more famous neighbor, is just 7 miles away and, with only one traffic light between Fly Creek and Cooperstown, we quickly reach our destination whether it's the National Baseball Hall of Fame, the Farmer's Museum, the Fenimore House or just the lovely shores of Otsego Lake ( made famous by James Fenimore Cooper as his "GlimmerGlass"). We think it's a perfect place to live and a perfect place to raise alpacas. We welcome your interest and invite you to tour our farm.





Feature Articles

The website of the national Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association.

Do I need a farm store?
I think that anyone who raises alpacas should have something on the farm that they can show to people who visit that demonstrates the unique and wonderful qualities of alpaca fiber. It doesn’t have to be a lot of things but they should be of high quality. For new breeders, having items to sell to farm visitors will often provide a source of income that will help offset the expenses in those first few years until you start making alpaca sales...

Do you have a business plan?

How many alpacas to start?
This number is really determined by the amount of investment you have available. If you are planning a breeding program, it's best to start with bred females...

How will you finance your purchases?
Financing the purchase of alpacas can be accomplished in a number of ways. Cash, IRA's, home equity loans, as well as agricultural grants and loans are all means by which alpacas can be purchased...

This is a seven state organization which sponsors the MaPaca Jubilee, one of the nation's key annual alpaca shows held every April.

Suris or huacayas or both?
The type of alpaca you choose to purchase is often a matter of personal preference...

What about marketing?
Marketing is an important aspect of alpaca farming. There are lots of ways to accomplish this and lots of books and articles have been written by people far more experienced than I. These are readily available. Essentially, if you have a product to sell...

What to do when you visit!
The Cooperstown - Fly Creek area is rich in history and culture. While in the area, plan to spend time visiting one or more of our famous landmarks either before, or after, your trip to GlimmerGlass Alpacas.

Will you have your own farm or will you board your alpacas?
There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of alpaca ownership. If you own your own farm and have structured your ownership as a business, you may be eligible for significant tax advantages...



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